Starting out My journey into Indian head massage

i have taken an amazing journey in the last year. From googling a condition my daughter had been diagnosed with I found a link to a page which set me on my journey with Indian head massage. That search lead me to Mary Atkinson who is a complimentary therapist and so much more. Through her page,blog and facebook my love of Indian head massage grew. There have been so many times in the last year where I have researched as much as I can about the art of Indian head massage. It’s benefits, techniques as well as the history of it all. but There is so much to learn still.

my own journey started In August last year. I passed my dipola in Indian head massage. I had no other massage experience and I had never even had an Indian massage. I found the course to be hands on informative and the teachers were very good. I booked myself in to have a Indian head massage and loved every moment of it. The feeling of peace and relaxation was wonderful. I felt reenergised and focused. 

The skills I have learnt have allowed me to beable to interact with my daughter (ADHD) and to beable to help her relax. It has been instrumental in calming down what would have been a very stressful enviroment. The power of massage is amazing normally very fidgety during a massage my daughter becomes quite still and I can see her whole body relax.  

Through my blogs I hope to help other parents with children who have ADHD and to also give people a better understanding of the benefits of Indian head massage as a stand alone massage.Not only do I get to treat clients and aide them with the benefits of Indian head massage I also find that when I preform a massage I feel centred and relaxed. 

So with this blog I hope to beable to share my experiences both with my new profession and as a parent of a daughter with ADHD.


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