How does Indian head massage help with adhd?

hopefully this is a question I feel I can now answer personally as a mother and a therapist.

My daughter was diagnosed adhd in 2013. She was and still is the cheeky one of the bunch but prone to outbursts of anger, has no danger awareness can’t stay still, has limited concentration without one to one. Numerous assessments and appointments later she was finally diagnosed with ADHD short term memory problems and other traits across the board ie asd 

After this diagnosis and being placed on medication I started to look into other ways I could help her other than the daily doses of medicine. I wanted some way of calming her without the stress and shouting which is something I find I do an awful lot.

What seemed apparent with any learning difficulty, autism spectrum ect was the power of touch and massage. Having read numerous articles about techniques such as story massage with Mary Atkinson and other treatments like aromatherapy,reflexology and cranial sacral therapy. For adhd especially it seemed that massage could improve moods, encourage restful sleep, improvement in focus which would be beneficial in school. A massage isn’t a cure but I have found it goes a long way to helping us acheive a balanced family enviroment.

So I decided as a mother of four with no previous massage therapy background to book on a course for Indian head massage. At first this was because it was the shortest course available. It took me 6 months to fit the homework and case studies around being a mother and finally passing my exams to become a qualified therapist. I soon found that I loved the course and I felt empowered and felt less like a failure. Something which is common among parents of adhd children. 

Even though I had tried reflexology in pregnancy and enjoyed a massage here and there, not even any  of the research,training articles, case studies really prepared me for seeing Indian head massage first hand on my daughter. It was one of those times when you don’t really believe it until you see the results. Yes I had done case studies but I hadn’t practised on my daughter, wanting instead to build my confidence and technique being trying it on her.

Well for my daughter it was instant. The gentle soothing techniques used in Indian head massage make it suitable for all and although I have adapted it a little to take into account my daughters small size she still receives all the benefits that you or I would.

 As any mother or father would know trying to get a child to slow down, calm down can be stressful for all involved even at the best of times. Add into the mix the symptoms of adhd and everything seems amplified. Sometimes painfully so. 

I have found that Indian head massage allows the child to takes about 5 minutes for them to get use to the movements and touch but after that I find my daughter really relaxes. Indian head massage can help to centre them and induced tranquility just as with adults. For my daughter it relieves any tension she has stored in her neck and shoulders. The soothing scalp moves can at times calm her so much she is nearly alsleep. I have also noticed she hasn’t had any colds this year and her hair is in great condition. 

But….. The best thing of all is that my daughter regularly asks for a massage. Even at the age of 8 and with her disabilities she knows that it is good for her. She likes how it feels I think we can all relate to that. Who doesn’t like that feeling of having their hair brushed or when the hairdressers wash your hair. 

For me, dad and her siblings it has made all the difference.