Summer holidays ADHD and indian head

as any mother can appreciate its that time of the year. Summer is here and the children have six weeks off school. This means six weeks of no routine, massive food bills, ‘I’m bored’, what we doing today’s,can we have’s, shouting, fighting, disagreements, shops running out of school items and not being able to work a set amount of hours due to the need of childcare. For me this is where my work comes into its own. It allows me to be with my children but to still help and make a difference to other people’s lives be it stress management, pain relief or relaxation. On the plus side there’s no school run, no school uniform, packed lunches, days to do what you want when you want, time to spend with your children, time to be a family.

My holidays use to consist of my willing the end to come. For all intents and purposes I would loose 6 weeks of my life. from start to finish I would dread every day. I would struggle to get up in a morning, wouldn’t want to go out anywhere and always felt my children were just to much for anyone else to cope with. Not any more.

Having a daughter with ADHD has made a lot of things in life difficult. Routines need to be stuck to, trips and holidays need to be rigorously planned, certain items need to be given star treatment otherwise you know that child will not sleep.medication has to be packed, Arguments have to be diffused before they escalate.  

 The list is endless.

Not so the case anymore.

I am a mummy, I am a person, I am an Indian head massage therapist who with the power of touch can soothe and diffuse most difficult situations. Indian head massage can be used anywhere anytime. From a quick 5 minute to a full 30 minute massage it has been my saving grace. Instead of shouting or getting upset I sit my daughter down and apply the gentle motions of Indian head and it works a treat. Even when out and about the soothing actions on Indian head on the back and shoulders can calm my daughters down.  Touch is a powerful thing and we as humans need that contact and interaction. A touch on the arm to show support a hug when someone is upset a clap on the back when something is good. Touch is in all our lives.

A big part of everyone’s life is Routines, these are still a problem but I am learning that if I am relaxed and not stressed my daughter is less so as well. Breathing and relaxation seem to be the key. My daughter seems a lot more tuned into my emotions if I am sad she is but on the flip side if I am angry wow so is she. Our relationship as a family is somewhat fiery. We have four daughters each with their own strong opinions and emotions. They are individuals who are still learning to work as a team. Throw in ADHD and that team is a little harder to manage each day.

So off track back to the holidays, a summer of fun is just what the doctor ordered.  This is the second year since we had a diagnosis of ADHD that I actually feel happy about the Six weeks I will spend with my daughters. The key for us is relaxation, time management and making sure they don’t get bored. It’s defiantly a lot easier now they are older to be able to plan trips to the park, friends to play in the garden and activities that will engage them. Also now they are older no need for pushchairs which gives you free hands to tackle any errant children.

It’s not easy to do all of the above. I know from experience. It has taken me a long time to accept the ADHD diagnosis and I am still learning how to run a family as well as a business around it. Even with the medication and the Indian head massage some days are good and some are bad but isn’t that the same for a ‘normal’ family. 

As long as the children are happy and confident in themselves they have a good start in life.