Massage with children ; the benefits from a mothers point of view

So for many it’s the start of the half term holidays. The nights are drawing in, the clocks are due to go back one hour winter is on its way.

For many children this can be a confusing time of year. They wake up and it’s still dark. They go to bed in the dark. The clocks going back can upset their routine especially at bedtime. I find this especially true with my four children. The clock change for us means body clocks out of sync and moody tired children. Mealtimes are also all out of sync. For my daughter with ADHD I find that she gets confused. If it’s dark she knows it’s bedtime but with earlier nights it is sometimes dark at tea time and this can cause confusion. Do any other parents find this is the case?

So Sometimes I think yippee an extra hour in bed and the children’s bedtime routine is an hour earlier but in reality this is not the case. For parents that concept of an extra hour in bed does not exist. How many of us I wonder will be up at 4 or 5am with the children thinking its later?

So back to the half term holiday. Its the last break before Christmas, what will you be doing?
There are so many great days out in Norfolk but they mostly depend on the weather which is unpredictable at the best of times. Also I find with the nights drawing in earlier and the days being shorter planning a full day out is more difficult. My daughter with ADHD does not partially like going somewhere she hasn’t been before. So for us it’s going to be lots of messy play at home with stories and massage and crafts.


Massage for this family is a god send. Having a child with ADHD can be challenging especially without the routine of school days. I know this can be the same for any parent but for a parent of a child with ADHD school holidays can be a dreaded part of the achedemic year.

Structure is the key. This means that a routine has to be in place in some capacity. Mornings begin with getting up washed dressed then breakfast. Until my daughters medication starts to work I have to make sure I stay with her as behaviour can be a problem. Story massage is very beneficial at this time of day. It can encourage my daughter to eat and it also keeps her calm which better allows her ADHD medication to work. It also keeps her occupied so that her siblings can get on with their own morning routines.

Story massage is also a great tool if you like me have two or more children. It gets them working as a group enjoying quiet relaxing time with mummy. As a parent of four being able to split myself in four isn’t always feasible. Story massage makes up for this by allowing all the girls to participate in a way they haven’t before. The older ones love to make up stories and then show the younger ones what they have made.

girls enjoying story massage
This time of year is also when coughs and colds run rampant In our home. Viruses and colds always do the rounds this time of year in school nursery and even just going out and about. All of mine have a nasty cold and sore throat at the minute.

Two of my daughters also suffer from recurrent glue ear. This is especially apparent in the colder months. As an Indian head massage therapist I know the benefits that an Indian head massage can offer.

They each have an Indian head massage once a week to help with their sinuses. This Is because Indian head massage uses draining and pressure point techniques which when applied during an Indian head treatment can aid blocked sinuses. Indian head massage also aides with blood flow which can promote natural healing.

Blocked sinuses can also cause headaches and bad moods due to tiredness. Again Indian head massage can help. After treatment many people say how relaxed they feel. They also report on how they have slept better.

If as a parent you would like to see how Indian head massage or story massage could benefit you and your children please get in touch. Maybe try a treatment for yourself. Or see the Facebook page for a video of my daughters enjoying story massage .

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