family fund – the big tea party

A ” Tea Party ” 

Everybody loves cake wether it’s chocolate, lemon or Victoria sponge. Whats yours? personally I am partial to a slice of lemon cake. So the all important question is going to be do you want tea or coffee with your cake?



On February 11th 2016 the Family Fund are organising a huge Tea Party involving people across the country. We are raising funds so that the Family Fund can help even more families across the uk.

The Family Fund even though they are funded by uk government, private donations etc still need and rely on the great fundraising efforts made by countless people. The Tea Party is just one way that you could help at home or at work.

Firstly what is the family fund I hear you say…. well its an organisation that

  • Since 1973 has helped thousands of families who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child
  • One of the uk’s biggest charities
  • Providing grants for items that could benefit families like washing machines, bedding, clothing, sensory toys, family breaks
  • By providing a wealth of information to families on other help and services that are/could be available to them locally,regionally or nationally

Families who raise a disabled child have many challenges. Some more so than others. We juggle hospital appointments, pay for childcare or after school/breakfast clubs so that we can make appointment times on time. Those of us who work have to sometimes take unpaid days off to attend appointments. We parents administer medication, we care for our children as a parent and as a carer.

The family fund was introduced to us two years ago by our sensory support teacher of the deaf. At the time we were struggling emotionally as a family with a lot of ups and downs. The family fund has a wealth of information but most of all as a family we have benefitted immensely from this amazing charity. We were lucky enough this year to be one of the 72,000 families that the family fund helped. We needed a new bigger washing machine. Due to mediation at night-time our daughter has nights of wet bedding. Our old machine was not coping and we were having to sometimes go elsewhere to get the quilts washed. A new larger washing machine which we can fit a singled sized quilt into wash has been a god send. Find out more at

I along with countless others will be hosting my very own Tea Party at home with friends and family…. So raise your cuppa and eat your cake and donate. Join us in helping to make a difference.

xx leanne xx

Mum, carer, holistic therapist and blogger

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