Year 6 exam stress argh……Indian head massage can help

How many of us as parents remember taking our exams? 

My GCSE exams were 16 years ago this year and I remember it like yesterday. So much revision, reading, revision cards, waiting around for exams to start all encroaching on my budding social life going out with friends. I remember I became bored and unfocused. I knew they were important but as any normal teenager I had other things on my mind. I also suffered tension head aches and eye strain. I managed to get fairly good grades considering but when we look at the news these days and the amount of work our children bring home I feel the grades I got inadequate. I don’t know the answers and as much as I try to help my children Google has become my best friend.

Having two children year 6 and 7 means this is the second year where we have noticed the stress a child can go through due to exams. Last year I couldn’t understand Why on earth is my 11 year old was getting headaches, not sleeping well and being more moody than usual. This year we are going through the same again. 

The answer is having to revise and practise tests ready for the SATS. I don’t remember much about them!!! I don’t even remember doing them. I certainly don’t remember doing endless maths problems, computer programmes and workbooks everyday. This extra pressure placed on our children seems to make the SATS an even scarier. My daughter has been worried for weeks that she will not be able to do well. Surely we shouldn’t be pushing our children at this age to worry so much over tests that won’t even be of use to them in later life? Or maybe I have it wrong. Maybe these tests at 10-11 years of age are as important as the ones they sit when 15-16 years. Even so some of the questions I couldn’t answer on the practise sheets. Maybe these tests are designed to make parents feel inadequate when it comes to education!!! 

Anyway it got to the point last year that as a holistic therapist  I decided to build in a massage schedule into my daughters week to help her Cope. This year I am doing it again for my second daughter.

Massage is known to relax, ease tension caused by sitting or daily pressures. Massage can aide concentration, focus, it can calm the mind and rebalance the body. In addition to this I find Indian head massage a perfect treatment for children and adults of all ages as its so adaptable. There is limited set up and the treatment can be done anywhere anytime.

 So we have started twice a week with my daughters having a 20 minute Indian head massage. This 40 minutes of relaxation a week aides better sleep, less tension causing headaches, plus releases tension in muscles due to sitting and writing or typing. It also gives them time out which is important. Coming home yesterday after sitting the first exam of this week my daughter was volition, hot and tired. She was so argumentative that in the end I told her she was having an Indian head massage. Knowing how relaxing she finds this she agreed. 

The massage can be done any time of day but I find personally with my own daughters early evening is better as they can then chill out and relax before they go to bed. Being relaxed makes sleep easier and helps to refocus and calm our inner selves. You know as parents when your feeling tense, worried and stressed out sleep is less likely to happen. Children and teenagers are exactly the same. I find after a massage they can be a lot calmer and after a good nights sleep they wake up in a better mood and ready for another day. 

We are also in the middle of writing a story massage stay tuned for more info 😊

Good luck to all doing exams in May 

X Leanne X 


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