Who am I 

Welcome and thank you for reading. 

My name is Leanne and I am a mother to four beautiful girls ( mums get to be bias about their offspring 😊). I always wanted to be a mum and funnily enough I always wanted four children. Luckily I was given that chance and through good and bad I love being a mum.

Since the birth of my first child in 2003 I have often been asked do I mind that I have four girls? The answer is no. Having all girls is hard work. There’s laughter and fun, sadness and arguments but life is never dull. People laugh and say wait till they hit the teenage years but I am not worried ( 😳 ) we are already looking into adding an extra bathroom and their dad has a big shed he can escape to 😂

Since our daughters were diagnosed with hearing loss and one with ADD I have often been asked how I cope. Occasionally I have been told I am a super mum but I don’t see it like that. For me I have never known any different so I find comments like these uncomfortable. We don’t get awards for being a mum, we don’t get time off. Being a mum with disabled children brings a whole wealth of extra challenges and worry. For a time after the children were diagnosed with mild/moderate hearing loss I was lost. Once our daughter was also diagnosed ADD I was truly completely and utterly lost. I didn’t know what to do where to turn and relationships suffered. 

My blog is finally a way for me to be honest with myself and to also give support to other parents such as myself. Even just knowing that you are not alone can go along way to helping. Like me mums and dads can often find it really hard to put what they feel into context. I write from my heart. It’s not made up, it’s not embellished it’s the grass roots of living with disability. You see I don’t think that any form of disability is a small thing. Anything that physically or mentally affects ourselves, our children or the people around us can no longer be brushed under the carpet and ignored. If you can’t see a disability it does not mean that it isn’t there. 

Families dealing with disability face complications,pain, heartache, tiredness, feelings of blame and turmoil everyday. When you throw in stigma and red tape from society living with disabilities can become a downward spiral for many. It can literally split families and relationships apart.

This blog is about me, my children and how we live our lives daily. The ups and downs and the mechanisms that I have implemented to help my family grow up in a positive, nurturing environment.

I thank you for your support, comments and shares.